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pita bread oven pita bread line flat bread production
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pita bread oven pita bread line flat bread production


Launching back in 1955, Ahmad Imad Bakri “B Plus” S.A.L unveiled the introduction of its bakery equipment manufacturing business. While boasting decades worth of experience and direct involvement in the industry, the organization has witnessed tremendous growth ever since its establishment – an expansion that focused on establishing and uplifting production protocols into advanced automated systems of bread assembly lines, to become the leading source for several different types of pita and flat bread. “We bake it happen” is not merely a slogan, as it is within our culture, one that is led by an unrivalled work ethic centered around perseverance, diligence, and mutual trust and understanding among all stakeholders involved. Our workforce sincerely believes in our mission, as they shape the building blocks of this company and are the lifeblood of its success, stability and unremitting progression.

Top Tier Solutions

Utilizing cutting-edge gearing coupled with the latest in sustainable technologies, B Plus designs and manufactures a wide range of machinery within its scope of work, covering pita bread, tannour bread, tortilla bread, lavash bread, and chapatti bread, among others, in addition to pies and pizza equipment, all in compliance with international standards and norms in accordance with food safety and quality management systems. Henceforth, the company has obtained a series of highly esteemed certifications including but not limited to EAC, ISO, CE, UL and CSA. Furthermore, B Plus distinguishes itself by providing optimal solutions for the production of European bread as well as Arab and Western sweets, through garnering top-of-the-line equipment from high-level international companies with illustrious brands.

pita bread oven pita bread line flat bread production
pita bread oven pita bread line flat bread production

A Panoramic Expansion Archetype

With baked goods recently emerging as one of the top developing global food trends, B Plus has taken the lead as well as the liberty of establishing representative offices and showrooms in several Arab countries; in addition to contracting with multiple different agents and distributors across the world, so as to cater to the increasing market demand.

A Distinctive & Unique Value Proposition

Not only does B Plus offer the finest in raw materials with respect to bakery equipment and their manufacturing aspect, yet the company is always one step ahead of the curve, with engineers and technical experts frontrunning technological innovation, constantly evolving and upgrading gears bearing in mind today’s highly dynamic and competitive landscape in terms of quality and efficiency. Furthermore, a key component of B Plus' ever-growing success is the dedication of both the maintenance and after-sales service team that adopt the highest standards of accuracy, professionalism and responsiveness, as well as a group of technicians deployed nearly all over the globe, always ready to provide maintenance and spare parts services around the clock.

pita bread oven pita bread line flat bread production

Letter of Gratitude

Special thanks and gratitude to B Plus team, both management and personnel, for all the dedication and hard work over the years. Each member represents the face of this company and is a vital pillar in its awe-inspiring success and continuous growth. Our value-system embraces customers as heroes, whereas mutual trust and understanding ensure both superior satisfaction and retention rates.

Thank You
pita bread oven pita bread line flat bread production