B Plus SAL Ahmad Imad Bakri

B Plus SAL Ahmad Imad Bakri Since year 1955, started in the field of manufacturing bakery equipment. Over many successive decades of experience and the evolution of modern manufacturing demands, B Plus began establishing and enhancing this industry to reach the Full Automatic System aiming at producing the Arabic (Lebanese) Pita Bread. Therefore, B Plus was the pioneer and the oldest in the industry of bakery equipment, which triggered the slogan of "Your Bread, Our Speciality..."

We are Available for you

Customer proximity is of great importance at B Plus. You can reach us 365 days a year. Due to our broad network, we offer you fast and reliably support, regardless of the technical problem you might have or where you are.

In our warehouse, we keep a vast amount of spare parts at your disposal. Like this, we guarantee a fast and smooth management of your spare parts orders.

Why B Plus?

What makes B Plus a competitive company, is the adequate choice of high quality raw materials that comply with international food grade standards. Apart from that, our prepared team of engineers and technical experts pursue the continuous modern technology for evolving and upgrading our machinery to compete at the highest level. As for the after sales services, we keep the genuine spare parts for all varieties of bakery machines in our warehouse as well as our ready and professional trained teams to provide maintenance services. Finally, our sincere support to grant our customers best consultancy, solutions and expertise in the bakery field.


B Plus aims at designing and manufacturing a wide range of machines and production lines for Arabic Pita Bread and many different kinds of Flat bread. In addition, we also provide bakery equipment for the production of various European breads, confectioneries and pastries from well-recognized and famous international brands.

Growth Strategy

Due to the continuous demand on our products and services, B Plus has established a representative office and a showroom in the United Arab Emirates as well as in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, In addition to different agents and distributors among the Middle East and Gulf regions and other worldwide countries, to provide our services and technical expertise to fulfil our customers' needs and comforts.

Always Next To You

In addition to our company's own customer service, our competent service partners look forward to helping you any time. They offer you professional technical support concerning all questions about service, maintenance and repairing of your machines and production lines.

For a Failure-Free Production

In order to guarantee an undisturbed operation of your machines and production lines, regular inspections and professional maintenance are essential. By means of rotational inspections of your production lines and the professional replacement of spare parts, you prevent small problems from growing into expensive repair works.

Our Vision

For all the B Plus Lines you use we offer an extensive service catalogue, out of which you can compose your individual service package: very flexible and according to your personal demands. We are perfectly equipped for the case that something goes wrong.

Our Mission

B-Plus Bread machine has been built on our commitment to the quality of our product, the development of our people and the delight to combination of these two elements brings to our customers.
Our mission is to enhance our customer's business. We will do this by providing the highest quality bakery Equipment and the best possible services to the Bakery industry. We will continuously improve all aspects of our business in order to sustain the long-term success of our customers and ourselves.

Letter of Gratitude

We would like to thank our faithful and hardworking staff members for making B Plus one of the top companies in the field of manufacturing bakery equipment. Furthermore, we would like to salute and welcome our valuable customers that gave us their trust in our efficiency. In the end, we as B Plus, pledge our never-ending fidelity and duty to adopt our customers' satisfaction and expectancy.